Talk About Teaching and Learning Archive

Volume 65 (Academic Year 2018-2019)

Social Belonging in Introductory Calculus by Philip Gressman: April 23, 2019

Teaching Current Issue Through Timelines by Sibel Sayılı-Hurley and Claudia Baska Lynn: March 26, 2019

Coaching Students in Data Analysis by Francis J. DiTraglia: February 26, 2019

Managing Semester-Long Course Projects by Steve Zdancewic: January 29, 2019

Physics Teaching in the Community: A Case for Service-Based Learning by Kevin Chen: November 20, 2018

Teaching First-Generation College Students by Annette Lareau: October 23, 2018

Volume 64 (Academic Year 2017-2018)

Teaching Against Stereotype by Huda Fakhreddine: April 17, 2018

Engaging Students Using a Peer-Review Process by Pete Fader: March 27, 2018

A Social Justice Perspective on Teaching and Learning by Anne M. Teitelman: February 27, 2018

The Science of Learning by Allyson Mackey: January 23, 2018

Teaching Controversial Issues in the Age of Trump by Jonathan Zimmerman: November 21, 2017

Discussions in Introductory Qualitative Courses by Henry Towsner: October 24, 2017

Needs and Specifications: Building Effective Mentoring Relationships by Herman Beavers: September 26, 2017

Volume 63 (Academic Year 2016-2017)

From Awe to Activity: Pedagogies in Special Collections by John Pollack: April 25, 2017

License to Fail by Jim English: March 28, 2017

Mentor the Researcher, Not the Research: An Essay on PhD Mentoring by George J. Pappas: February 28, 2017

Teaching STEM at the Time of Political Distress by Zahra Fakhraai: January 24, 2017

Making a Lasting, Real Impact on Students by Jane Dmochowski: November 22, 2016

Understanding What Students Get Out of Your Class by LeAnn Dourte: October 25, 2016

Coding and Data Visualization in the Science Classroom by Philip Nelson: September 20, 2016

Volume 62 (Academic Year 2015-2016)

The Magic of the Encounter: Teaching and Learning in the Penn Museum by Anne Tiballi: April 26, 2016

The End of the Lecture? by Peter T. Struck: March 22, 2016

What do I have my students do in class and why? by Julia Lynch: February 23, 2016

Integrating Technology into My On-campus Course by Brian J. Bushee: January 26, 2016

Reducing Student Anonymity and Increasing Engagement by Katherine J. Kuchenbecker: November 24, 2015

Motivating Students with “Real Projects for Real Customers” by Christian Murphy: October 27, 2015

Teaching Introductory Classes by Mark Devlin: September 22, 2015

Volume 61 (Academic Year 2014-2015)

Activating Students’ Excitement by Masao Sako: April 28, 2015

Community-Based Approach to Teaching by Amy Hillier: March 31, 2015

Two Ideas for a Skeptical Pedagogy by Jeffrey Edward Green: February 24, 2015

Teaching the Familiar as Unfamiliar by Timothy Corrigan: January 27, 2015

Guiding Students from Individual Experiences to Group-Level Patterns: An Example Using Race and Ethnicity by Grace Kao: November 25, 2014

Can a Room Matter? Creating an Active Learning Environment for Teaching and Learning by Alain Plante: October 21, 2014

Keeping it Personal by Eileen Doherty-Sil: September 23, 2014

Volume 60 (Academic Year 2013-2014)

Socrates over Scholasticism? Strengthening Active In-Class Learning in Social Science Lecture by Rogers M. Smith: April 29, 2014

Teaching through Questions by Stanton Wortham: February 25, 2014

What I've Learned about Teaching from Other Faculty by Karen Detlefsen; January 28, 2014

Teaching Long: Reasons and Ways to Assign Big Books by Paul K. Saint-Amour; November 26, 2013

Balancing Passion By Cultivating Curiosity to Create Engagement by Sarah H. Kagan; October 29, 2013

Testing the Students' Knowledge of Process and Analysis by Kathleen M. Brown; September 17, 2013

Volume 59 (Academic Year 2012-2013)

Teaching Large Physics Courses: Challenges and Rewards by Mirjam Cvetic; March 19, 2013

Sharing a Discovery of Connection by Bruce Kothmann; February 19, 2013

Learning Technology by Lyle Ungar; January 22, 2013

Preparing Undergraduates to Work in the World by Andrew Dahlgren; November 20, 2012

Teaching with Facebook by Ralph Rosen; October 16, 2012

Obsession Is Infectious by Don Ringe; September 18, 2012

Volume 58 (Academic Year 2011-2012)

Volume 57 (Academic Year 2010-2011)

The Pedagogical is Political (and Personal) by John L. Jackson, Jr.; April 12, 2011

On Advising Doctoral Theses by Margreta de Grazia; March 29, 2011

Teaching the Next Generation by Mark Devlin; February 15, 2011

Keeping the Classroom Relevant in a Rapidly Changing Field by Zachary Ives; January 18, 2011

Getting Students to Think About the Place Where They Are by Domenic Vitiello; November 16, 2010

Putting Students on the Hot Seat by Nicolaj Siggelkow; October 12, 2010

“The Frightful Things” On Domestication of a Complex and Unusual Material by Ilya Vinitsky; September 14, 2010

Volume 56 (Academic Year 2009-2010)

Training Doctoral Research: Not Training Technicians by Phyllis Solomon; April 20, 2010

The Elusive Art of Mentoring by Kathleen Hall; April 20, 2010

Collaborative Teaching/Participant Learning by Christine Poggi; March 23, 2010

Peer Instruction in Large Classes by Paul A. Heiney; February 16, 2010

Engaging Every Neuron in the Large Lecture Class by Connie Stanga; January 19, 2010

Failing upward: a Journey in Teaching by Emma E. Furth; November 24, 2009

Education for Generation Y by Mark Yim; October 20, 2009

Teaching in a Crisis by Mauro F. Guillen; September 15, 2009

Volume 55 (Academic Year 2008-2009)

Volume 54 (Academic Year 2007-2008)

Connecting Students with the Unfamiliar by David Wallace; September 18, 2007

Struggles and Questions from an Experienced Teacher by Lawrence Sipe; October 23, 2007

Relevancy, Organization and Passion in Teaching by Thomas A.V. Cassel; November 20, 2007

Talk Talk: Using On-Line Discussions to Promote Student Conversations by Catriona MacLeod; January 22, 2008

This is What Education is Supposed to Be About by Ruth Schwartz Cowan; March 18, 2008

That Which is Observed Changes the Observer by Paul Sniegowski; February 5, 2008

Volume 53 (Academic Year 2006-2007)

Explicit Instruction and Implicit Message by Sharon Thompson-Schill; September 12, 2006

Building Block of Information by Thomas Sollecito; September 12, 2006

The CTL Teaching Certificate and Conversations about Teaching by Bruce Lenthall; October 17, 2006

Conjugating Diversity by Herman Beavers; November 14, 2006

Learning to Teach in the 21st Century by Peter Struck; February 20, 2007

Hey prof: RU Busy I have a ? by Andrew M. Rappe; March 20, 2007

Reclaiming the Democratic Purposes of American Higher Education by Matthew Hartley; April 17, 2007

Volume 52 (Academic Year 2005-2006)

The Fog of Learning and Teaching by Rita Barnard; September 13, 2005

Teaching “What Can’t Be Taught” by Paul N. Lanken; September 13, 2005

The Messages We Send by Sarah Manekin; October 11, 2005

What can Penn Learn From our Nation’s Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs)? by Marybeth Gasman; November 8, 2005

Teaching and Learning—About Evolution by Paul Sniegowski; December 6, 2005

How Can I Help? by Dennis DeTurck; January 10, 2006

UScandia and Hibritannia by Brendan O’Leary; February 2, 2006

The Education Gospel: Loud Music, The Lone Ranger, Playing Within Your Game, And It’s Hard To Learn When You’re Hungry by Marvin Lazerson; March 14, 2006

Deep Learning: Problem Solving Learning and Intellectual Development During the College Years by Christine Massey; April 25, 2006

Volume 51 (Academic Year 2004-2005)

An Unexpected Discovery by Vicki Mahaffey; September 14, 2004

Some Preliminary Findings from the Blackboard Study by John Noakes, John MacDermott, Elizabeth Scheyder and Jay Treat; October 12, 2004

Reflections on ITA Language Training, English Fluency Certification, and Beyond by Thomas W. Adams; November 9, 2004

Improving Learning at Universities: Who is Responsible? by J. Scott Armstrong; December 14, 2004

Motivating and Managing Large Classes by Rebecca Stein; February 15, 2005

Volume 50 (Academic Year 2003-2004)

Centering on Learning at Penn by Myrna L. Cohen, Matthew Grady, and Samantha Springer; October 21, 2003

Communication Within the Curriculum by Ralph M. Rosen; November 11, 2003

Healthy in Philadelphia Initiative by Eileen M. Sullivan-Marx; November 18, 2003

Through the Shadow of the Valley: How to Retain Attention in the Classroom by Larry M. Robbins; December 9, 2003

Using Instructional Technology to Facilitate Active Learning by David Rousseau and Christina Frei with John Noakes; February 17, 2004

Teaching Communication by Michael X. Delli Carpini; March 30, 2004

Teaching Film by Timothy Corrigan; April 20, 2004

Volume 47 (Academic Year 2000-2001)

Facing Reality by Larry Hunter; September 19, 2000

Introduce Yourself by Philip M. Nichols; December 12, 2000

Inquiring Into the Teaching and Learning of Science: An Initiative from a Research University by Connie Blasie, Cath Milne and Hai-Lung Dai; January 23, 2001

Some Thoughts on Teaching and Academic Integrity by Ellen Kennedy; March 27, 2001

A Community of Learners by Art Casciato; April 17, 2001

Volume 46 (Academic Year 1999-2000)

Speaking Across the University--and in the Classroom by Jeremy McInerney, October 19, 1999

What I Wouldn't Do For Enrollment by Simon Richter, November 16, 1999

What to Look For by Larry Robbins, January 18, 2000

Teaching with New Tools by Peshe Kuriloff, February 15, 2000

Venturing into the World of Distributed Learning by Cristle Collins Judd, March 28, 2000

Shall We Dance? Team Teaching & the Harmony of Collaboration by Herman Beavers and Dennis DeTurck, April 25, 2000

Volume 45 (Academic Year 1998-1999)

Teaching Quantitative Skills: How Some Faculty Have Responded by Jonathan Baron, October 20, 1998

Teaching and Learning the Unfamiliar by Marvin Lazerson and Ursula Wagener, November 17, 1998

Managing Our Classrooms and Ourselves by Michael Useem, December 8, 1998

Speaking Across the University by Joseph Farrell, January 19, 1999

Learning the Library, Teaching the Library by Stephen Lehmann, March 23, 1999

Is This Any Way to Go About Teaching and Learning? by Larry M. Robbins, April 20, 1999

Volume 44 (Academic Year 1997-1998)

Live and Learn by David B. Brownlee, September 16,1997

Languages Across the Curriculum and Around the World by Roger Allen, October 21, 1997

Participant-Observation in the Washington Semester by Russell Riley and Jack Nagel, November 18, 1997

Learning in Style by Myrna L. Cohen, December 9, 1997

It's About Time by Larry D. Gladney, February 17, 1998

Promoting Undergraduate Research at Penn by Lawrence B. Friedman, March 24, 1998

Teaching and Learning in the 21st Century by Richard R. Beeman, April 28, 1998 

Volume 43 (Academic Year 1996-1997)

Using Quality Circles to Master the Classroom by Michael Useem, September 24, 1996

We Are All Teachers; We Are All Learners by Drew Gilpin Faust, October 22, 1996

Electronic Advising: The Scholars Have Come by David Williams, November 19/26, 1996

Where Does the TA Fit In? by Stephen D. Winick, December 3, 1996

Notes Toward a Culture of Writing by Al Filreis, January 21, 1997

Teaching Teachers at Penn by Larry Robbins and Herb Levine, February 18, 1997

TA Training in the Math Department by Herman Gluck, March 25, 1997 

Volume 42 (Academic Year 1995-1996)

A Teaching Strategy to Increase Student Understanding of Fundamental Concepts by Ingrid Waldron, September 12, 1995

A Vision of the Classroom by Kyle Vanderlick, October 24, 1995

In Celebration of Advision by Susan Gennaro, Marian Matez, Kathy McCauley and Susan Schwartz, November 21/28, 1995

Teaching in the Constitutional University by Will Harris, December 12, 1995

Prayer vs Action: Heeding the Coach by Jacob M. Abel, January 23, 1996

"Why Buy the Cow When You Can Get the Milk for Free?" by Susan Cotts Watkins, February 20, 1996

Actively Open-minded Thinking by Jonathan Baron, March 19, 1996

The University in Microcosm: Benjamin Franklin Scholars by Will Harris, April 23, 1996

Volume 41 (Academic Year 1994-1995)

Taking Teaching Seriously by Stanley Chodorow, Provost, October 11, 1994

"z=(x2+2y2)e-x2-y2" [Math Literacy] by Dennis DeTurck, November 8, 1994

Undergraduate Research Experience by Robert Rescorla, December 6, 1994

Teaching Outside the Box: A Residential Frontier for Pedagogy by Christopher Dennis, January 17, 1995

Making the Right Things Happen: Research and the Undergraduate Nursing Student by Linda P. Brown and Lorraine J. Tulman, February 7, 1995

Technology in Teaching by C.J. McMahon, March 21, 1995

How the Undergraduate Core Could Be Run at Wharton by W. Bruce Allen, April 11, 1995

Classical Studies in the Community by Ralph Rosen, May 2, 1995