University of Pennsylvania



November 7, 1995
Volume 42 Number 11

At right:
Taxi, 1977, 20 x 17
In one of
Saul Steinberg's
many evocations of
the New York taxicab,
the bright yellow creatures
mass themselves against
the blacks and grays of
art deco Manhattan.
Fifty works of Steinberg,
lent by collectors
Jeffrey and Sivia Loria,
are in the
Arthur Ross Gallery at
the Fisher Fine Arts Library
through January 21.
See the back cover
for a special lecture
this month, and
see page 4 for
a roundup of current
exhibitions on campus.


News in Brief:
Honors: to Dr. Klein, to Nat'l Inst. of Medicine, to Mr. Merritt, to Drs. Dickens and Crumb, to Dr. Luborsky; Deans' Reviews; Death of Dr. Glasgow; Almanac Deadlines

SEC Agenda November 8; Notes on Council: Nov. 1; Holiday Hosting; Speaking Out: Welcome Ms. Arnold and the Saul Steinberg Show

Art Roundup; Celebrating Women's Sports

English Alumni Meet English Majors

Innovation Corner: Penn Trims Insurance Costs

High School Students Sample College Life

On University Citizenship (VPUL to Students); A Nursing/College Minor in Nutrition

Performance of Annuities


Blood Drive: Nov. 13; French Institute Fellowships; At Annenberg: Dance, Angels; Crime Alerts

Celebrating Purcell and Crumb; CrimeStats, Update

The Art of Saul Steinberg

Implementation of Sexual Harassment Policy (Rodin);
Of Record: Consensual Sexual Relations Between Faculty and Students;
Of Record: Sexual Harassment;
Affirmative Action Council Membership and Charge

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