Charge and Membership of the Affirmative Action Council 1995-96

As the national debate over affirmative action policies continues and as Penn develops its institutional policies on sexual harassment, consensual sexual relations between faculty and students, and student conduct, it is important that faculty, staff and students play an active role in shaping our future course and implementing our policies. The University's Affirmative Action Council has ably carried out this responsibility for many years. I have taken this opportunity to review and update the charge and membership of the Council to ensure that it will be well equipped to handle its responsiblities during the coming year. In particular, I have added to the Council several faculty members who serve as Faculty Affirmative Action Officers in Penn's schools. The Council's charge and membership for 1995-96 appear below.

-- Judith Rodin, President


The Affirmative Action Council is an advisory committee appointed by the President to review the University Affirmative Action Program, to recommend changes when necessary, to develop policy proposals, and to monitor performance and progress relating to affirmative action throughout the University.

In addition, the Council is charged by the President with oversight and coordination of the University's implementation of the Sexual Harassment Policy, the Guidelines for Addressing Academic Issues of Students with Disabilities, and the Non-discrimination Policy.

Members of the Council are appointed by the President for one-year terms, and include faculty, staff, and students. The Director of Affirmative Action, administrators from the Provost's Office, Human Resources, and other University offices serve as ex-officio members on the Council. The Chairperson of the Council is a tenured faculty member appointed by the President for a two-year term.

Affirmative Action Council Membership for 1995-96

Dean Raymond Fonseca, Chair
School of Dental Medicine

Mr. Alvin Alvarez
Counseling and Psychological Services

Professor Howard Arnold
School of Social Work

Ms. Jeanne Arnold
African American Resource Center

Professor Regina Austin
Law School

Mr. Lawrence A. Burnley
Greenfield Intercultural Center

Ms. Joan C. Carey
Development Office

Professor Jean Crockett
Wharton School

Mr. Clint Davidson, ex-officio
Human Resources

Professor David DeLaura, ex-officio

Professor Adelaide Delluva
School of Veterinary Medicine

Ms. Elena DiLapi, ex-officio
Penn Women's Center

Dr. Elizabeth Droz
Counseling and Psychological Services

Ms. Debra Fickler, ex-officio
Office of the General Counsel

Professor Oscar Gandy
Annenberg School

Mr. Art Gravina
Facilities Management

Mr. Jamal Harris
Undergraduate Assembly

Mr. Michael A. Hindery
Medical School/Center

Professor Lynn Hunt
School of Arts and Sciences

Ms. Anita Jenious, ex-officio
Affirmative Action Office

Dr. Barbara Lowery, ex-officio
Office of the Provost

Dr. Valarie Swain Cade McCollum, ex-officio
Vice Provost for University Life

Ms. Onyx Finney
United Minorities Council

Mr. David Morse, ex-officio
Policy Planning

Professor Daniel Perlmutter
School of Engineering and Applied Science

Mr. Stephen Schutt, ex-officio
Office of the President

Mr. Barry Stupine
School of Veterinary Medicine


Tuesday, November 7, 1995
Volume 42 Number 11

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