Notes on Council November 1

The November 1 agenda was devoted primarily to the second annual State of the University presentation by the President and Provost, which will be reported in full next week. Other business was brief:

For Steering, Dr. William Kissick reported that the Senate Axecutive Committee has asked Dr. Helen C. Davies, Dr. Ira Harkavy and Dr. Will Harris to review the recently proposed Student Disciplinary Charter (Almanac September 19) and to report to SEC on November 8.

GAPSA's Victor Prince expressed appreciation to the Vageloses for their $10 million gift to the first phase of the IAST and their open support of the graduate research role in it, and to the administration for success in working with the city to enforce speed laws and to seek relief from the city's decision to levy wage taxes on student stipends.

For the UA, Lance Rogers reported that the UA is seeking to reopen a tenure case in English involving Dr. Gregg Camfield, as part of an overall drive to increase student involvement in tenure decisions.

PPSA's Ira Winston gave a statement on the need for civility across faculty/staff/student lines. Karen Freeman of the A-3 Assembly advised that she and co-chair Betty Thomas are meeting with Executive Vice President John Fry on issues in restructuring, and urged members of the University to note the process for nominating A-3s for recognition: call Ms. Thomas at 898-7233 for a nomination form.

In the State of the University report, members heard from the President, Vice Presidents Carol Scheman and Barbara Stevens, and Safety and Security's Tom Seamon; and from the Provost, Deputy Provost Michael Wachter and Dean of Admissions Lee Stetson.


Tuesday, November 7, 1995
Volume 42 Number 11

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