Five-Year Reviews of Deans
Farrington, Gerrity and Kelley

Provost Stanley Chodorow has announced the membership of committees to review the performances of three deans who have completed their first five years in office. (In accordance with University rules, all deans are reviewed at the end of the first five years as a requirement for reappointment for seven.) The members are:

School of Engineering and Applied Science

To review the performance of Dean Gregory Farrington:

Tom Lubensky, Physics, Chair
Portonovo Ayyasyamy, Mechanical Engineering
Pamela Beatrice, Materials Science Ph.D. program
Peter Buneman, Computer and Information Science
Alan Kelly, Dean, School of Veterinary Medicine
John Lepore, Systems
Alan Meyers, Chemical Engineering
John Mulroney, Rohm and Haas, Alumnus/Overseer
Larry Sneddon, Chemistry
Kim Vesey, Bioengineering, EAS '95
Scott Weinstein, Philosophy

School of Medicine

To review the performance of Dean William N. Kelley:

Amos Smith, Chemistry, Chair
Eduardo Glandt, Chemical Engineering
Seth Koss, M.D. program
Wallace T. Miller, Sr., Radiology
Joan E. Mollman, Neurology
Peter C. Nowell, Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
Yvonne Paterson, Microbiology
Harvey Rubin, Medicine
Erik Santos, M.D./Ph.D. program
Rosemary Stevens, Dean, Arts and Sciences
(Alumnus/Overseer to be named)

The Wharton School

To review the performance of Dean Thomas Gerrity

Stanley Baum, Radiology, Chair
Franklin Allen, Finance
Edward Bowman, Management
Kevin Hone, Wharton MBA
David Larcker, Accounting
Rebecca Maynard, Education
Satya Patel, Wharton '96
Ira Schwartz, Dean, Social Work
Yoram Wind, Marketing
Ken Wolpin, Economics
(Alumnus/Overseer to be named)


Tuesday, November 7, 1995
Volume 42 Number 11

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