Crime Alert: Death in Center City

On Thursday, November 2, at 7:42 a.m., the beaten body of a non- University affiliated woman was found in the vicinity of 21st and Pine Streets inside a building entrance door alcove. Philadelphia Police Department, Homicide Unit, is currently investigating this murder and presently, they have no leads.Therefore, anyone having any information about this incident, should contact P.P.D. Homicide Unit: 592-5859 / 5860.

Safety Tips:

As always, we encourage you to continue to utilize safety precautions, to be aware of your environment and to promptly report any suspicious activity.

For immediate contact with the Penn Police Department, call 511 (on campus) or 573-3333 or one of the numbers listed at right.

-- Lt. Susan M. Holmes

Crime Alert: Flim-Flam Artists at Work

On Friday, October 27, 1995 at 7:45 p.m., a University student was approached by three persons who attempted to commit a theft commonly known as a "flim-flam."

In this incident, a lone actor first approached the student and requested help in regard to a predicament. The actor displayed a large roll of cash which he described as "$ 5,000.00." Two additional actors came upon the scene and offered their advice regarding the predicament. The student was asked to "HOLD" the roll of bills during the course of the incident, and at that point, broke away from the actors. If the incident had continued, at some point the student would have been asked to put up some of his own cash as security against a portion of the so- called "$ 5,000.00."

Actors were described as:

Black Male; Light Complexion; 30 years old; Tall and Slender; Short, dark brown hair; Light mustache; Last seen wearing: a black baseball cap, black and brown hip-length jacket; Displayed the "$ 5,000.00";

Black Female; Light Complexion; 20 years old; Short and Slender; Last seen wearing: a black head scarf;

Black Male; Dark Complexion; 30 years old; Short and Heavy; Last seen wearing: a Garfield cap and a down type waist-length jacket.

Safety Tips:

If you have any information about this incident, contact the University of Pennsylvania Police at the below-listed telephone numbers:

Penn Police 898-7297

Penn Detectives 898-4485

Victim Support 898-4481/6600

-- Officer A. Haines


Tuesday, November 7, 1995
Volume 42 Number 11

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