On Implementation of the Sexual Harassment Policy

In light of the positive comments received from the University community, I have accepted the major recommendations of the Working Group on Implementation of the Sexual Harassment Policy (which was published For Comment in Almanac on November 15, 1994), i.e.:

The new Policy on Consensual Sexual Relations Between Faculty and Students was drafted and endorsed by the Faculty Senate and has been promulgated by the Provost (see below). In conformity with this new policy, I have modified the current University Sexual Harassment Policy by the deletion of the last three paragraphs in Section II.B. (The amended Sexual Harassment Policy is reprinted Of Record on pages S-2 and S-3 of this Supplement.)

I have designated the Provost as the senior University officer responsible for implementation of the Sexual Harassment Policy and-- instead of appointing a new committee for this purpose--charged the existing Affirmative Action Council (see page S-4) with responsibility for oversight and implementation as recommended by the Working Group, including follow through on its specific recommendations.

-- Judith Rodin, President


Tuesday, November 7, 1995
Volume 42 Number 11

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