French Travelling Fellowships

The French Institute for Culture and Technology announces the creation of three $1,500 Societe Generale Travelling Fellowships.

The fellowships, open to Penn graduate and post-doctoral students with a functional command of French, will be applicable to defray expenses for the participation in the conference organized in France for 1996, by a scientific and scholarly entity identified by the student.

Resume, cover letter explaining the pertinence of the conference subject to the candidate's research, and two letters of recommendation from Penn professors must be sent to the following address by February 29, 1996:

Societe Generale Travelling Fellowships
French Institute for Culture & Technology
401 Lauder-Fischer Hall/6330

Confirmation will be sent by the end of March 1996. For more information, contact Francoise Gramet at 573-3551.


Tuesday, November 7, 1995
Volume 42 Number 11

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