Holiday Hosting

As you make the seating chart for your Thanksgiving dinner, consider inviting a member of Penn's international student or scholar community to your table. For many of Penn's international students and scholars, the winter holidays can be a bit lonely, and many would welcome the opportunity to share in a traditional American holiday dinner or gathering.

While the Office of International Programs will attempt to "match" you with an international student or scholar, we would also encourage you to consider inviting a member of your own academic department or unit. If you would like OIP to identify a student or two to join you for your Thanksgiving celebration, please call Andrew Adair at 898-4661 (e- mail adair@pobox. If you are interested in hosting a student for other winter holiday celebrations, please get in touch with OIP.

-- Joyce M. Randolph, Director,
Office of International Programs


Tuesday, November 7, 1995
Volume 42 Number 11

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