September 2, 1997
Volume 44 Number 2

In this issue

Plans and Progress by Judith Rodin
VP Finance: Katherine Engebretson
Ombudsman: Vicki Mahaffey
The Summer of '97
Deaths: Ms. Georgias, Dr. V. Whitney
Senate Chair: On Representing Faculty
More Senate Nominations; 9/3/97 Agenda
PPSA Open Meeting Schedule
Resignation of Steve Goff
Moving F/SAP to PENN-Friends Alliance

COMPASS Features

-- A Special Olympian
-- Penn c. 1830: A Tour on the Web
-- Penn's Summer Science Academy
-- Whither Programmed Learning?

Speaking Out:

-- Penn Books & Authors
-- Late-Parking Query
-- Thanks to UC Brite

Lighting Up the Neighborhood

Over 1300 outdoor lights have been added to the front yards, porches and driveways of homes and apartment buildings in University City since the unveiling of the UC Brite program last winter, and another 300 installations are in the works (the map at right shows where the work stood at the end of July). For homeowners and landlords who signed up by Labor Day, all of the work is due to be completed by December. Vice President Carol Scheman called it a "phenomenal response" to the cooperative venture spearheaded by PECO, the Philadelphia Partnership and area owners, and has extended the final deadline for sign-up to September 30 to accommodate homeowners who may have been away during the summer. Through UC Brite (which is the phone number as well as the name of the program), owners choose and buy their own fixtures, then are reimbursed for half the cost of the fixtures and the installation.

Opportunities: Where to Look This Week
Penn & Pencil Club: Staff Workshops
Faculty/Staff Seminars on Children's Admission
Penn VIPS: School Supplies Drive
ISC Technology Training Courses
Environmental Heath and Radiation Safety
On The Web: A New Home Page and a New Search Engine:
The Handbook On Line;
Additions to 'Acceptable Use' Procedures
Foreign Check Policy
A-3 Assembly Election: Slate and Procedures
Why This Issue is Mailed