Where to Find the Job OpportunitiesHere and Elsewhere

The new staff job opportunities do not appear in this rst fall issue of Almanac beacause it goes to press early for individual addressing to faculty and staff. However, the most recently posted jobs are available in a self -contained four-pager, Opportunities at Penn , at the Job Application Center (Funderburg Information Center, 3401 Walnut St.; 215-898-7285).

Hours of operation are Monday through Friday, 9 a.m.-1 p.m. New openings are also posted daily at Blockley Hall, at the Wharton School and at the Dental School.

Also availabale for examination at the Job Application Center are past listings, which include some 280 additional open positions.

A full listing of job opportunities is at the Human Resource Services website: www.hr.upenn.edu/.

Current employees needing access to the web, may go to the Computer Resource Center at 3732 Locust Walk with your PENN Card to obtain a list of computer labs on campus available for your use.

In addition, almost every public library in the Delaware Valley now provides web access. In the near future, as our ofce remodels the Job Application Center, we hope to have computers available for current employees and others to peruse the current job openings. Openings are also mailed to approximately 50 community sites weekly.

Employment, H.R.

Please note: Faculty positions and positions at the Hospital and Health Systems are not included in these listings. For Hospital and Health System openings, contact 662-2999.