A-3 Assembly

Notice of Election: A3 Assembly Executive Board, September 11

The election of members of the A3 Assembly Executive Board for the current year will be held on Thursday, September 11, in Room 514, Mellon Bank Building (36th St, between Sansom and Walnut Streets), from noon to 2 p.m. Voting is in person, by secret ballot, and will only take a few minutes.

Background. The present Constitution of the A3 Assembly provides for an Executive Board of not more than 20 members, each elected for a twoyear term. In order for the A3 representative on the University Council to be allowed his or her seat this fall, the election must (according to the Council Bylaws) be "democratic in principle and practice." All A-3 employees of the University not covered by a collective bargaining agreement are eligible to vote and run for office in the A3 Assembly. (NOTE: If you are a union-represented A3, please ignore this notice).

Nominees. Following are the names, with some identifying data, of those A3's who have been nominated:

Please take the short time needed to come by and vote. Although there are more vacancies than nominees, a good turnout will encourage those of your fellow A3's who have expressed a willingness to serve on the Executive Board.

Forwarded by Professor Howard Lesnick
in accordance with procedures announced in Almanac July 15, 1997