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The following was sent by the authors to Dr. Judith Rodin and to Almanac for publication. Dr. McCartney, Executive Director of Wharton Computing, notes that the invitation in the final paragraph is issued to the full University community.

Thanks for UC Brite

We are writing on behalf of the 800 Block of 48th Street to thank the University for its generous contribution to our street-lighting endeavor. Twenty of the twenty-two occupied homes on our street took part in the lighting program. We were delighted to be able to take advantage of the UC Brite program and greatly appreciate the efforts of Esaúl Sanchez, who helped us at every stage of the project.

The lights are now installed and fully functioning, not only lending an enhanced sense of security to our neighborhood but greatly adding to the beauty of the block at night as well. The effort has also helped to catalyze even further our already significant tradition of community activity and cooperation.

We take pride in being a very active group from a variety of backgrounds. Of course, such a hearty response comes as no surprise since block residents such as Denis Elton Cochran-Fikes (Penn '74, '79), Doris Cochran-Fikes (Penn '72), Jerry Baber (Penn '89), Rhonda Fabian (Penn '89), Dr. Joyce White (Penn '76, '86 and University Museum), Anne O'Shea (Penn '86), Dr. Nelson Wicas (Penn '89), Mark Fuerst (until recently General Manager

at WXPN), Dr. Felipe Garcia (Science Center), Professor John Cebra and Ethel Cebra (Biology), Sandra McArthur (BRBII Advisory Committee) and Dr. Gerry McCartney (Wharton) have already demonstrated over a lengthy period of time our commitment to improving the quality of residential life in West Philadelphia.

We would like to arrange for you to visit our block some evening at your convenience. In September we are planning an event to celebrate the newly installed lights on the Calvary Church, a splendid Church with large Tiffany windows at the corner of 48th and Baltimore. We invite you to come and see the lights and to get some sense of our appreciation for Penn's efforts and renewed interest in our larger community.

William Gerard McCartney and Kitti Carriker
on behalf of Neighbors of the 800 block of South 48th Street

Ed Note:

Please see also the UC Brite map on p. 1.

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