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The Handbook On Line

Penn's home page at is your entry to the Penn Weba rich and varied collection of documents, resources, and services contributed by academic and administrative departments, student groups, and individual students, faculty, and staff.

The existing home page and other top level pages of the Penn Web will be replaced on October 1, 1997, with a set of pages incorporating a new look, a new structure, and new features that highlight Penn's many faces and make navigation easier for the Penn community and visitors. The changes reflect the valuable input the Penn Web team has received from the community, much of it through the Web survey conducted in November, 1996. Until the October 1 conversion, the new pages can be reached through a link from the existing home page.

The new Penn Web offers four distinct ways to navigate University information:

The new Web's toolbar, found on all central pages, features the following navigational aids and frequently used resources:

Other highlights of the new web are rotating picture sets on the home page that illustrate the intellectual vigor and innovative spirit of Penn, and a news page that offers a convenient way to stay abreast of news about Penn or of interest to the Penn community.

Tens of thousands of documents, still images, and sound and video clips have already been contributed

to the Penn Web; nevertheless, like any useful resource, it continues to evolve, spurred on by rapid changes in Web technology, heightened expectations for information-on-demand on the part of users, and heightened awareness of what's possible on the part of users and information providers. The Penn Web Steering Committee would appreciate your suggestions for making the Penn Web more responsive to your needs. Please send suggestions to

The Handbook is On Line

The Handbook for Faculty and Academic Administrators can now be accessed electronically on PennNet:

For questions or more information, contact Ms. Carol Attarian Jones (e-mail:

Penn Computing Policy:
Two New Rules Now in Effect

Penn's Policy on Acceptable Use of Electronic Resources "defines the boundaries of 'acceptable use' of limited University electronic resources, including computers, networks, electronic mail services and electronic information sources" and references a compilation of Specific Rules that interpret the policy.

It is the responsibility of the Vice Provost for Information Systems and Computing, as questions arise, to publish modifications or additions to the Specific Rules. Two new documents specifying additional rules have been released. The new rules became effective July 1, 1997.

Rules for Users of Penn's Electronic Resources establishes rules governing username changes on e-mail accounts, operation of large mailing lists, rights of list participation, and maintenance of message archives. (Details:

Users are encouraged to review and understand the new rules contained in this document, as well as the Policy on Acceptable Use of Electronic Resources. (Details:

Guidelines for Administrators of Penn E-mail systems specifies configuration constraints on the size of incoming and outgoing e-mail messages on campus systems as well as guidelines for mail spool area management. (Details:

Noam H. Arzt, Executive Director,
Administration and Information Technology Architecture