The Summer of '97

Work began on the $120 million Sansom Common at 3600 Walnut...a Special Services District was created in partnership with other local institutions, to improve the neighborhoods west of Penn...and a new health plan was created for students. These and other stories in the June 17 and July 15 issues of Almanac are available in back issues for those who were away:

Major Prizes: Just as she joined the English department as the Donald C. Regan Professor, the scholar and poet Dr. Susan Stewart won a MacArthur Award. The Kyoto Prize (Japan's richest) for Dr. Daniel Janzen of Biologyan earlier MacArthur Fellow known for his ecological work on rainforests.

Central Appointments: A new director for the Afrmative Action Ofce, Valerie Hayes of Cornell, arrived August 1. A new postVice President for Audit and Compliance was assigned to Rick Whiteld of internal audit. And a new associate director was named for the Ofce of Institutional Research and Analysis, Dr. Theodore Bross of Jefferson.

Departures: Dr. Susan Albertine of the 21st Century Project left in July to become Temple's vice provost for undergraduate education. Dr. Carol Bennett-Speight of the Faculty/Staff Assistance Program (F/SAP) joined Cabrini College as associate professor and director of the social work program . [Update: The F/SAP has now been succeeded by a new Employee Assistance Program source; in this issue]

Trustee Actions: At the June stated meeting, the trustees approved the long-discussed Procedures Governing Sanctions Taken Against Members of the Faculty , with minor housekeeping changes [to be published Of Record shortly; the full text is now on PennNet via the on-line Handbook for Faculty and Academic Administrators ; in this issue]. Two new faculty positions were also approved Practice Professor in the Wharton School, and Practice Lecturer in GSE.

Classication Redesign: In EVP John Fry's update, next steps are HR consultations with school and center management starting this fall.