Transfer of Services: F/SAP to PENN-Friends

Effective September 1, 1997, the University's Faculty and Staff Assistance Program (F/SAP), which has been operated under the auspices of the School of Social Work, will be transferred to PENN-Friends. PENN-Friends is an alliance between the University of Pennsylvania Health System and Friends Hospital to provide managed behavioral health care and EAP (Employee Assistance Program) services. Current clients include University of Pennsylvania Health System and Holy Redeemer Health System.

This alliance affords the University the opportunity to continue to provide high quality client service while managing costs. Specifically, in addition to the new convenient location at 36th and Market Streets, PENN-Friends also provides faculty and staff and their immediate family members access to over 450 providers in neighborhood locations throughout the Delaware Valley. Additionally, there will be 24-hour-a-day/7-day-a-week telephone access to counselors. The on-site location will be led by Jose Rendon, who had previously been associated with the University as an F/SAP counselor.

As a full-service provider of F/SAP services, PENN-Friends offers confidential assistance to faculty and staff on personal life issues, such as:

Relationship problems
Drug and alcohol problems
Parenting challenges

PENN-Friends also offers supervisors assistance for addressing issues impacting job performance and other workplace situations.

Direct access to PENN-Friends is available by calling 1-888-321-4433. For further information, please contact the Division of Human Resources at 215-898-0380.

Office of Human Resources