July 15, 1997
Volume 44 Number 1

A Museum of Ideas

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The U.S. Constitution and the Year 2000

As Penn's Dr. Richard Beeman spearheads the planning of programs, and GSFA Dean Gary Hack advises on design, Philadelphia is working toward groundbreaking in the year 2000 for a National Constitution Center that will be a state-of-the-art museum.

At right is a visualization of Signer's Hall, produced collaboratively by the Center; Ueland Junker McCauley, architects and exhibit designers; and G. Peter Vander Heide, architecture and visualization.

In this issue

MacArthur Award for Dr. Stewart
Kyoto Prize for Dr. Janzen
News in Brief: A-3 Assembly Elections; Change in Freshman Convocation; Welcoming Grad/Professional Students
Update on Reclassification Study (Fry)
Tracking the New Tax Bill (Scheman)
Vice President/Audit, Mr. Whitield
Staff Changes
Deaths: Drs. Leonard Miller, Matthew Moore, and Vincent Whitney

New Student Health Plan in September
Wharton's $10 Million Goergen Center
Another Piece of the Alzheimer's Puzzle
Research Roundup
Franklin Online
PNC Thumbprinting
Speaking Out:
-- Sansom Common Parking
-- Sansom Common Design
-- Challenging A-3 Elections
-- Graduate Students
-- Benefits Mailing
-- Questioning Limits on Raises for Grant-Supported Staff
-- Deadlines for Sept. 2 Speaking Out

COMPASS Features
-- Hong Kong's Prosperity and the New Rules
-- Professor Beeman as Founding Father
-- Help for Grieving Pet Owners
-- Penn's Role in the National Constitution Center
-- Well Said: Quotes from Penn People

Lab Safety Training
Computer Training
Free HIV Testing
Grants at Univ. City New School
Fulbright Programs
Notice of A-3 Elections
Summary of Changes in HR Policies
'Business Casual' on Fridays
Parking Alternates to 36th & Walnut
Update & Deadlines
Benchmarks: Enduring Values (Kelley)

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