Speaking Out

Challenging A-3 Elections

When the committee to oversee the A-3 elections was announced by the Chair of Council, I repeatedly requested that the committee take a pro-active role in running fair elections consistent with Council By-Laws. These requests were met by absolute refusals by Howard Lesnick, who claimed that the only powers given to the committee by Council were to advise whether any elections were held consistent with Council Bylaws.

After becoming personally involved with a bad faith attempt to manipulate the good faith efforts of a number of A-3 to hold legitimate elections, Mr Lesnick has apparently changed his mind about the committee’s role. Nevertheless, it is clear (for reasons too numerous to detail here) that the election* announced by Howard Lesnick is utterly inconsistent with the Bylaws of University Council, the Constitution of the A-3 Assembly, and the purpose of the Committee that was appointed to oversee A-3 elections. The result of any such elections will be illegitimate, and will be challenged as such.

-- Paul Lukasiak, Administrative Assistant,
Youth Study Center, SSW

* See information in this issue.-- Ed.

Response to Mr. Lukasiak

At Council April 30, Professor Peter Kuriloff as chair of the Steering Committee announced that he had appointed a committee consisting of Howard Lesnick, Larry Gross and Alex Welte to ensure that proper elections of the A-3 Board would take place (see his column, From the Chair, in Almanac May 13). Later, at the request of Professor Lesnick and the committee, I appointed Jeanne Arnold of the African American Resource Center as a fourth member.

Under the supervision of this committee the Office of the Secretary established appropriate procedures for the election described elsewhere in this issue [see information in this issue]. I hope that all A-3s will participate in the nomination and election process set forth.

--Vivian C. Seltzer, Chair,
Steering Committee of the University Council


Volume 44 Number 1
July 15, 1997

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