PennCard Expiration Dates Extended

Regular full-time and part-time faculty and staff whose PennCards show an expiration date between 6/30/97 and 9/30/97 have until 12/31/97 to obtain a new PennCard.

Expiration dates for cardholders with a status other than regular faculty and staff are not extended. Those cardholders will need to obtain replacement PennCards when their cards expire by coming to the PennCard Center (with appropriate authorization) to receive a new PennCard.

Please note: When a PennCard with an extended expiration date is swiped through a card reader, the system reading the data on the magnetic stripe will now see a 12/31/97 date. However, the printed date on the card is not changed.

New "smart" PennCards and new optional services using the new PennCard will be introduced during the Fall Semester. The PennCard Center has extended the expiration dates for these cardholders in order to minimize inconvenience to cardholders and to avoid issuing cards twice.

Additional information about obtaining the new PennCard and using the new services will provided be directly to individuals, schools and centers in early October. You may also visit the PennCard Web site at for more information.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the PennCard Center at 898-2646 or 573-4184.

-- Laurie Cousart, Director,
Telecommunications & Campus Card Services

Note: More changes are coming for PennCard this fall. Check our Web site regularly for news: --L.C.


Volume 44 Number 1
July 15, 1997

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