Dressing 'Business Casual'

Many staff members have commented about being allowed to dress "business casual" in the workplace, a practice successfully in place at many peer institutions and businesses. This kind of flexibility seems to have a positive impact on the overall quality of worklife.

We suggest that areas of the University that typically use full business attire during the summer adopt a "business casual" approach on Fridays throughout July and August.

This is not intended to change areas that now dress casual all summer long. Rather, it is suggested as an acceptable alternative for staff members who ordinarily wear suits, ties, dress shoes and the like. Should this trial period be well accepted and successful, Penn may consider expanding it after review.

Different departments may determine different ways to observe "business casual." Human Resources, based on experience gleaned from within Penn as well as from other employers, has guidelines available to assist you in implementing this idea.

We encourage you to support and implement at least a Friday "business casual" day through the start of the fall term, as we will be implementing the practice in our own offices.

Judith Rodin, President
Stanley Chodorow, Provost
John Fry, Executive Vice President


Volume 44 Number 1
July 15, 1997

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