Library's New Version of 'Franklin' Online

The Library's new version of Franklin, the Online Catalog, is now available to the University community. The current installation, which includes both Web and text-based interfaces, is an early release or beta version. Through the summer, the Voyager system supporting Franklin will be much improved.

Over the next few weeks, information gathered from using the beta software will be used to enhance and customize Voyager for the specific needs of Penn students and faculty. This important advantage is only available to a beta-test partner, such as Penn. In addition, Penn gains early access to future Voyager software improvements.

Recently, the Library added circulation information to bibliographic records in the new Franklin. Together with Voyager's designer, Endeavor Information Systems, the Library Systems Office is working to correct disconnects that have plagued new Franklin telnet users. Also with Endeavor, the Library is addressing date-sort and other software configuration problems. Faster speed is an urgent priority and work is underway to provide a faster Web client. To stay current with these and other system developments, check the What's New section of the Library Web, and specifically the New Franklin FAQ page ( and the Known Problems with the New Franklin Catalog page (

The original mainframe version of Franklin will run in parallel with the new Franklin interfaces while the Library identifies bugs and workouts solutions with Endeavor. Student and faculty input and suggestions are crucial in this beta period; the Library invites users to report both problems and strengthens in any aspect of the new Franklin. They will receive informative answers and helpful advice wherever possible.

--Office of the Vice Provost and Director of Libraries


Volume 44 Number 1
July 15, 1997

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