Speaking Out

Sansom Common: Parking?

The Sansom Common described in the June 17th issue is an exciting, imaginative development which is sure to add to life to Penn. The campus will become a much more active and interesting place for students, faculty and visitors.

One question: I studied the plan ( in the June 17, 1997 issue) and failed to find parking space for those who attend plays and concerts at Annenberg Center. Is there now or will parking space be made available that is adequate for rainy days?

-- Morris Rubinoff,
Emeritus Professor, Computer & Information Science

Response to Dr. Rubinoff

Business Services advised that the new parking garage at 38th and Walnut Streets was constructed in anticipation of the loss of Lot 13. See notice in this issue for more information--Ed.


Volume 44 Number 1
July 15, 1997

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