March 19, 1996
Volume 42 Number 24

The Midnight Ice
GAPSA finds time for fun...see The Compass.
Photograph by Jenny Friesenhahn


The Millers: A Chair in Architecture
Senate: Dr. Kissick on Reengineering;
SEC Actions March 6

Deaths: Dr. Abel, Dr.Palmer

From the Provost: On Graduate Groups and Graduate Group Chairs

Spring Blood Drive; More Thanks; Transition at Compass

Senate Reports: Committee on Faculty re Maternity Leave Extension; SCPPA re Almanac/Compass Merger

Council: Agenda for March 20; Draft Policy on Privacy of Electronic Information

Compass Features


Speaking Out: HIV Test Site, Editor's Note; April: Peer Health Recruitment Season; Centrifuge Safety Warning; Occupational Exposure to Animals

Update, CrimeStats, Mortgage Seminars, A-3 Entrepreneurial Day

TALK ABOUT TEACHING: Actively Open-minded Thinking by Jonathan Baron

Insert: Reengineering: Purchasing and Procurement

In the death of Moez four have been sentenced; details.


March 19, 1996
Volume 42 Number 24

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