Occupational Exposure To Animals

As part of the University's Animal Welfare Program, a medical surveillance program is available to all investigators, technicians, husbandry staff and others who have significant occupational exposure to animals at Penn. The program, which is administered by the Occupational Medicine and Health Services in the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania (HUP), consists of physical examinations, immunizations, and treatment of animal-related bites or injuries. Supervisors are encouraged to enroll employees in this program.

Personnel who incur an animal injury or are interested in obtaining more information about the program, should contact Occupational Medicine and Health Services, Silverstein Pavilion, HUP, telephone: 662-2354. Services for students who have significant contact with animals are provided by the Student Health Service, lower lobby, Penn Tower Hotel, telephone: 662-2850.

For any injury that occurs after hours, students and staff are advised to go to the Emergency Room , Silverstein Pavilion, HUP.

-- Dr. Marilyn Howarth, Director
Occupational Medicine and Health Services


March 19, 1996
Volume 42 Number 24

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