From the Millers: A New Chair in Architecture

University Trustee and former Chairman Paul F. Miller, Jr, W'50, Hon'81, and his wife, Ella Warren Shafer Miller, CW'51, have given $2 million to endow the Ella Warren Shafer Miller Professorship in Architecture.

The chair recognizes three generations of Penn women who shared an interest in the arts, said Dr. Judith Rodin in announcing the gift. Ella Warren Shafer, Mrs. Miller's mother, graduated with a fine arts degree in 1925; Mrs. Miller minored in art; and the Millers' daughter; Ella Warren Miller Merrill, C'78, majored in the Design of the Environment Program.

Ella Warren Shafer, originator of the family's interest, found the door blocked to a career in architecture, for in 1925 Penn did not allow women to take the life-drawing courses required for a degree in architecture. That interest stayed alive however, with her daughter who would one day help design the family's Adirondack-style lake house in New Hampshire.

President Rodin praised the Millers for their record of philanthropy to Penn and said the new chair would greatly enhance an already strong program in architecture. "We are thrilled that Paul and Warren Miller have chosen the Graduate School of Fine Arts to be the latest beneficiary of their charitable giving," she said.

Previous gifts from the Millers have supported the School of Arts and Sciences through the Paul F. and Warren S. Miller Professorship and the Wharton School through the Sherrerd-Miller Professorship and the Sherrerd-Miller Teaching Awards and the Paul F. Miller, Jr., Scholarship Fund.

Both Paul and Ella Warren Shafer Miller are second-generation Penn alumni. Mr. Miller's father, Paul Fetterolf Miller, Sr., Wh'22, G'44, taught at the University and his uncle' sister and brother-in-law were all Penn graduates. Paul Miller, described in the citation for his honorary degree from Penn as "more knowledgeable about Penn than any chairman of the Trustees since Benjamin Franklin," has served the University in numerous leadership positions. A member of the Board of Trustees since 1966 he chaired the Board from 1978 to 1986.


March 19, 1996
Volume 42 Number 24

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