Agenda for March 20, 1996

I. Approval of the minutes of February 21, 1996 meeting

II. Reports of the President, Provost, Chair of Steering, and Chairs of GAPSA, UA, PPSA and the A-3 Assembly; 20 minutes for reports and clarifications.

III. Representation on University Council; 5 minutes for presentation, 5 for questions, 30 for discussion.

IV. Questions on February 21 presentation on administrative restructuring (Almanac February 27); 20 minutes.

V. Committee on Communications Draft Policy on Privacy of Electronic Information (pp. 7-8 this issue); 5 minutes for presentation, 15 for discussion.

VI. Judicial Charter revision (Almanac March 5); 20 minutes.

Note: Observers register with the Office of the Secretary, Ms. Silva, 898-7005.


March 19, 1996
Volume 42 Number 24

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