Centrifuge Safety Warning

Savant Instruments Inc., and E-C Apparatus have notified us about a potential safety problem with one of their discontinued lines of centrifuges, the HSC10 series, produced from 1983-1993. Under normal operation all centrifuge rotors are subjected to forces which could cause them to fragment if the rotor has been damaged, misused or previously over-stressed. This condition is exacerbated by high speed operation. In the event of such rotor failure, the HSC10 may not provide complete containment of the fragments or sample being centrifuged and personal injury or property damage may result.

Because of the potential for injury, Savant advises people who possess one of these units to call 1-800-327-2643 or 516-244-2929 for a rotor inspection. A replacement upgrade or modification of the existing unit, if not too old, may be required to provide an additional margin of safety.

-- Harriet Izenberg, Biosafety Officer
Office of Environmental Health and Safety


March 19, 1996
Volume 42 Number 24

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