1995-96 Report of the Senate Committee on Publication Policy for Almanac

Merger of Almanac and Compass

February 28, 1996

The Senate Committee on Publication Policy for Almanac considered the development of the merged Almanac/Compass over the past ten months and a majority of its members recommend that the merged publication continue. We were unanimous that close attention should be paid to the following issues:

  1. We recommend that the substantive division of material between Almanac and Compass be maintained, and that this be accompanied by a clear visual distinction. The Committee acknowledges the expertise of the Editor of Almanac in layout and design and will work with her to achieve the latter aim while enhancing the quality of the publication as a whole.

  2. Subject to adequate staffing (see below) Almanac should continue to develop its news function, both print and electronic. For this to be successful a substantially higher level of cooperation from the News Bureau and other on-campus news sources will be required. We recommend that rapid, complete and open forwarding of news items to Almanac, exactly as received, be implemented as a matter of routine.

  3. The merger has led to an increased workload for Almanac staff that has not been offset by concomitant reduction. The full development of the news function of Almanac and any other new initiatives will not be possible with the current staffing. We recommend that this deficiency be remedied.

Jacqueline M. Fawcett (nursing)
Phoebe S. Leboy (biochemistry/dental)
Ann E. Mayer (legal studies)
Martin Pring (physiology/medicine), Chair
Paul F. Watson (history of art)

ex officio
Senate Chair William L. Kissick (medicine)
Senate Chair-elect Peter J. Kuriloff (education)

staff: Carolyn P. Burdon (exec asst to the Faculty Senate Chair)


March 19, 1996
Volume 42 Number 24

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