SENATE From the Chair

Faculty in the Reengineering Process

Over the years the Faculty Senate Executive Committee has encouraged the administration to effect cost-containment measures so that proportionately more resources could be devoted to academic programs. The new Executive Vice President has been charged with a major restructuring effort to that end.

The President and Executive Vice President have expressed a serious interest in involving faculty in this effort.

I believe it is essential that representatives of the faculty participate appropriately in task forces, work groups, and committee endeavors. Now is the time to respond affirmatively when called upon to serve so that the process will have the benefit of our perspective, experience, and expertise.

-- William L. Kissick, Chair

Actions and Reports: SEC Actions for March 6 are in this issue. Also in this issue are two Senate Committee reports referred to in the SEC Actions (on extension of maternity leave policy, and on the merger of Almanac and Compass).


March 19, 1996
Volume 42 Number 24

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