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Tuesday, July 13, 2010
On the Front Page:
  • Law School Teaching Awards
  • Making History Campaign
  • Vet Medicine Teaching Awards
  • Butterworth Professorship

  • Deaths:
  • Dr. Alexander, Anesthesiology
  • Ms. Bradford, SAS External Affairs
  • Dr. Goodman, Wharton
  • Dr. Knauer, Penn Museum
  • Professor Leech, Penn Law
  • Mr. McNeil, Jr., Benefactor
  • Dr. Oliva, Wharton
  • Mr. Peck, New Bolton Center
  • Mr. Rose, Annenberg School

  • Governance:
  • Coverage of June Trustees’ Annual Meeting

  • Other News:
  • NIH: $8 Million to Penn Medicine’s Center of Excellence in Environmental Toxicology
  • Steven J. Fluharty: Senior Vice Provost for Research
  • $1 Million Gift for Libraries’ Special Collections Center
  • Center for High Impact Philanthropy’s Investment Guide on Long-Term Development in Haiti
  • 2010-2011 Board Members: ASEF; PPSA and University Club at Penn
  • Call for Submittals of Artwork
  • Korea Foundation Associate Professor in History: Eugene Y. Park
  • College for Women Class of 1963 Term Professor in the Humanities: Renata Holod
  • Information Security Officer: Joshua Beeman
  • Honors and Other Things
  • Business Services Update
  • Summer Wonder Children’s Programs
  • Silk Road Summer Nights Music
  • Human Resources: Upcoming Programs
  • Shoemaker Green: The Red and Blue Turn Grey into A Green Sustainable Site
  • A Winter Training Home for Penn Athletics to Rise in Penn Park

  • Of Record:
  • Postdoctoral Stipend Levels for FY2011
  • Procedural Guidelines for Principal Investigators (“PIs”) Leaving the University of Pennsylvania: Handling Awards, Research Materials, Equipment and/or Other Research-Related Issues
  • Policy for Postdoctoral Trainees at the University of Pennsylvania

  • Bulletins:
  • Did You Know? Set Money Aside for Retirement with the Roth 403(b) Option
  • Struggling to Find Summer Time Child Care?
  • Annual Dining Days: July 15-29
  • Volunteer Opportunities
  • At the Burrison Gallery: Nature and Neurons
  • Update
  • CrimeStats

    Supplement: OF RECORD: Patent and Tangible Research Property Policies and Procedures of the University of Pennsylvania (PDF)
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    July 13, 2010


    Patent Policy


    Almanac - July 13, 2010, Volume 57, No. 01