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Vet Medicine Teaching Awards
July 13, 2010, Volume 57, No. 01

The School of Veterinary Medicine announced the recipients of their teaching awards.


The Carl Norden Pfizer Distinguished Teacher Award was presented to Dr. Rose Nolen-Walston, assistant professor of clinical studies, New Bolton Center. She was described by nominators as “a great educator, and a great advocate for students. She is very involved with each class year and is always willing to help out when asked. She is also one of the great teachers at our school who wants to make sure she is keeping students involved and wants to give great, memorable lectures. At New Bolton Center, she is very helpful and provides students with great clinical opportunities.”






Class of 2010 Awards


Best Teacher, Philadelphia Campus went to Dr. Ariel Mosenco, staff veterinarian. He was appointed medical director for the Ryan Veterinary Hospital wards. He assists in developing new policies and procedures as well as fostering relationships between staff, clinicians and students.









Best Teacher, New Bolton Center went to Dr. Barbara Dallap Schaer, assistant professor of emergency medicine and critical care. She is described as “a wonderful surgeon who exhibits compassion and care with every patient, client, colleague and student that she interacts with at the New Bolton Center. She is very enthusiastic and it is obvious that she loves what she does. Whether she is lecturing in class or scrubbed into colic surgery, she is always interactive, friendly and helpful. She is a great teacher and she makes the emergency, critical care rotation one of the best clinical rotations at New Bolton Center.”






Class of 2011 Awards


Best Teacher, Philadelphia Campus went to Dr. Jeffery Wilson, an anesthesia lecturer, who many members of V’11 “didn’t know well until this year, but all feel incredibly grateful to know him now. During our first surgeries, he kept us calm and focused. His willing and helpful attitude kept us calm and collected when everything seemed to be out of our control. Dr. Wilson has become an essential part of the Junior Surgery program at PennVet, and we are incredibly lucky to have had him as a teacher!”








Best Teacher, New Bolton Center was presented to Dr. Patricia Sertich, director of the Equine Endometrial Biopsy Service, associate professor, CE, of medicine and reproduction, New Bolton Center; and director of Clinical Service, Georgia and Philip Hofmann Research Center for Animal Reproduction, New Bolton Center. “She has been a breath of fresh air for students since we met her during our first year of vet school. Students can tell that she wants to teach us everything that she can, and she wants us to be just as excited about learning it—her lectures are definitely some of the most interesting we’ve ever had! Dr. Sertich’s enthusiasm rubbed off onto the members of our class, and kept us going for the last three years. She was the sole reason that so many members of my class took Large Animal Block, and the Reproduction labs in particular. Dr. Sertich has been an amazing part of so many students’ educations at PennVet, and we all really hope that she continues to be for many classes in the future!”





Class of 2012 Awards

Di Terlizzi

Best Teacher was awarded to Dr. Roberta Di Terlizzi, assistant professor of clinical pathology. She has been extremely passionate about teaching since 2004. She attended many seminars and conferences regarding education and how to improve student’s ability to learn. Following the inspirations of her two mentors she followed their example and with time built up a solid method of teaching in the classrooms and outside that was also able to create very strong and trusting relationships with her students. She is extremely dedicated to her job, she loves diagnostics, and clinics and her research area of expertise is education. Dr. Di Terlizzi came from Italy to help American students to become great veterinarians. She hopes to inspire students and faculty to improve their teaching and learning abilities and be always ready to be up to speed with the current technologies.







The Best Non-Lecturing instructor, Dr. Jamie Haddad, is a resident in anatomic pathology, who attended Penn for undergrad, veterinary school, and then stayed on for the anatomic pathology residency, for a total of 11 years at Penn. She will take her anatomic path boards in September and then in October, will start a two- year clinical pathology residency at NC State sponsored by Antech so that she can be double-boarded in anatomic and clinical pathology.







Class of 2013 Awards


Best Teacher went to Dr. Peter Dodson, professor of anatomy, labs of anatomy, department of animal biology; professor of paleontology, department of earth and environmental science, was an easy choice for the Class of 2013 Excellence in Teaching Award. “He has a special enthusiasm for teaching, learning, and really getting to know the students. A part of what makes him such a great teacher is that he is still very much a student.” Another student noted, “Dr. Dodson always seems incredibly fascinated by the things that are not well-known—things that have yet to be discovered (I guess that is why he is a paleontologist); and his fervor to continually learn, ask questions, and seek answers is inspiring to those of us that are just beginning on our paths through our veterinary education. The Class of 2013 would love to have teachers that emulate Dr. Dodson’s ability to educate—and we students try to emulate his eagerness to continually learn, develop, and expand our horizons.”







The Best Non-Lecturing Instructor, Dr. Peter Hand, professor emeritus, was chosen for the Class of 2013 Award. A student noted, “Dr. Hand has taught an incredible amount of material to the Class of 2013, it is unbelievable that he managed to do so entirely outside of the lecture hall. His mastery of anatomy, histology, and neuroscience allows him to reach every student by having the capability to teach the same concept in multiple ways. Dr. Hand has also developed a personal relationship with the Class of 2013—he always has an interesting story to share and give your mind a break when labs are overwhelming. Instructors like Dr. Hand are few and far between, and our class feels privileged to have had so much time with Dr. Hand.”



Almanac - July 13, 2010, Volume 57, No. 01