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Business Services Update
July 13, 2010, Volume 57, No. 01

Penn’s Business Services Division (BSD) provides the leadership, business practices, facilities, and services needed to develop and maintain a hospitable, fiscally responsible, customer-friendly campus environment. Our mission is to provide high-quality service in a fiscally-responsible manner and our vision is to continually set the standard within each of our operating units. Please take note of the following updates to some of our services and promotions benefiting the Penn community in the upcoming year.

—Marie Witt, Vice President, Business Services

Parking: Rates for 2010-2011

Effective September 1, 2010, the following rates are available to faculty and staff of the University and Health System. Parking fees include the City of Philadelphia’s 20% parking lot tax and cover the continuing rising costs of garage and surface lot improvements and other deferred maintenance. University permit rates remain lower than comparable lots and garages located in University City. Regular Campus Parking rates average $7.21 per working day. University and Health System faculty and staff have the option to pay their parking fees through automatic payroll deduction on a pre-tax basis. Daily parking rates in Penn’s lots or garages are fixed at $15/$17 per day, or at variable rates. Visit www.upenn.edu/parking and click on the “visitor” tab. 

Please keep your parking profile updated by visiting Penn Parking Online at www.upenn.edu/parking. All communications with information directly affecting your lot or garage will be sent to your e-mail address in Penn Parking Online. For campus traffic advisories, subscribe on the Public Safety website, www.publicsafety.upenn.edu.  

Penn Monthly

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Campus Parking




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1 Pennsylvania Law and the Philadelphia Traffic Code prohibit motor vehicles from driving or parking on sidewalks (See www.dmv.state.pa.us/vehicle_code/index.shtml and § 12-913. Prohibitions in Specified Places. 35). Penn’s Division of Public Safety reminds drivers that not only is this behavior illegal, it poses a safety hazard to those working within the buildings as well as to pedestrians using sidewalks.


SEPTA Commuter Pass Program/COMPASS

Penn encourages the use of public transportation providing SEPTA monthly TransPasses and TrailPasses at a 10% discount through payroll deduction, with pre-tax up to $230 per month. Full-time Penn faculty and staff are eligible. There are two types of commuter passes. A TransPass allows you to travel and transfer with no limit on city buses, trolleys, and subways. A TrailPass is zone specific: it offers you unlimited travel up to the applicable zone (indicated on the face of the pass) on bus routes, regional high-speed train routes, and transit routes within the city. The following rates reflect SEPTA’s 9% increase which was effective July 1, 2010, the first increase since 2007.


SEPTA Monthly Pass

Penn Monthly

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Zone 1




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Zone 3




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Zone 5




For information, visit the Compass Program’s website: www.upenn.edu/transportation and click on Partnership Programs. Compass applications are available at the Transportation and Parking office: Suite 447A, 3401 Walnut St.


Full-time Penn faculty and staff of the University of Pennsylvania who are not participating in the parking permit program are eligible to purchase TransitCheks® up to $230 through payroll deduction on a pre-tax basis. The following regional transit providers participate in the TransitChek® program: SEPTA, DART, NJ Transit, Amtrak, and PATCO. Parking also offers up to $230 through payroll deduction on a pre-tax basis through the PATCO Freedom Card. For questions or additional information send e-mail to parking@exchange.upenn.edu.

Penn Transit Well Equipped to Meet New State Biofuel Regulations

On May 1, the State mandated the use of 2% biodiesel component in all on-road diesel fuel sales. This regulation makes Pennsylvania the most highly populated state yet to move to a bio component, with plans to eventually increase the bio component to 20%. The Penn Transit fleet was already equipped to meet this mandate. Buses purchased in 2008 and several special access vans can run on both ultra low sulfur diesel and biodiesel. In June 2010, four shuttle vans were added to the Penn Transit fleet and will be easily recognizable by their “Green themed” graphics wrapping. The vans not only improve access and comfort for our riders, but are also equipped to run on liquid propane which creates 50% less tailpipe emissions than regular gasoline and also costs less.

Event Parking Arrangements

If you plan to host an event on campus and will need parking for your guests, please send e-mail to the Parking Office, parking@exchange.upenn.edu to make arrangements in advance to ensure that parking will be available.

Computer Connection Sale

Penn faculty, staff and students are eligible to take advantage of significant educational discounts on Apple, Dell, Adobe, Lenovo and Microsoft products during Penn Computer Connection’s Back-to-School Sale, happening throughout the summer. Details of the sale can be found in the sale brochure mailed to the Penn community in early June. For more information, visit the Computer Connection showroom at 3610 Sansom Street or view the online catalog at www.upenn.edu/computerstore/bts2010.

Penn Home Ownership Services: Trident Group a Banking Partner

The Trident Group has joined Advance Bank, Bank of America, Gateway Funding and Wells Fargo to help eligible University and Health System employees save on closing costs when purchasing a home in West Philadelphia within Penn’s boundary area. The Closing Cost Reduction Program (CCRP) offers mortgage financing options with discounted closing costs to the University community for the purchase and refinancing of homes and can be used with the $7,500 Enhanced Forgivable Loan Program (EFLP). Individuals who are interested in taking advantage of the CCRP must apply through Penn Home Ownership Services. For more information on the CCRP, EFLP or any of PHOS’ other home ownership services call (215) 898-7422 or visit our website at www.upenn.edu/homeownership

Penn Hotel Rates for FY2011

The Penn Rate as of July 1, 2010 is:

• Hilton Inn at Penn: $215

• Sheraton Philadelphia University City: $189

Penn’s Children’s Center: Rates for 2010-2011

Penn Children’s Center (PCC) accepts applications year-round for infants, toddlers and children of preschool age. Enrollment for all ages is subject to space availability. 

PCC, located in the Left Bank complex at 3160 Chestnut Street, serves children ages 12 weeks through five years. PCC has been re-accredited with the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) and has earned the highest quality rating of 4-STARS, under the State’s Keystone Stars Child Care Quality Initiative. Assisted rates are available to regular University employees who meet eligibility requirements, subject to space availability and funding. (These rates are not available to UPHS employees.)  Part-time slots and sibling discounts are also available. Please contact Penn Children’s Center at (215) 898-5268 for additional information or to arrange a tour. You can also visit the Center’s web page at  www.upenn.edu/childcare.


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Almanac - July 13, 2010, Volume 57, No. 01