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Almanac RSS Feed

What is RSS?

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication and is a way to distribute new content to users of RSS readers or news aggregators directly to your computer and other web-enabled devices. RSS feeds are XML files that generally contain simple headlines or titles and brief descriptions; if a user wishes to read more about a particular item, they click on the link to go to the corresponding website.

How Do I Subscribe to Almanac's RSS Feed?

In most cases, in order to access RSS, you will need a special news reader or aggregator. There are many RSS readers, both web and software-based, that are available for free. Some popular, free browser-based RSS aggregators include Feedly and Digg Reader.

1. Open your reader.
2. Copy the following link
3. In your reader, select "Add" or "Subscribe" and paste the link of the RSS into the RSS reader.


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