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At the Burrison Gallery: Nature and Neurons  
July 13, 2010, Volume 57, No. 01



Nature and Neurons by Greg Dunn is on exhibit at the Burrison Gallery through August 6. Mr. Dunn is a graduate student in neuroscience at Penn who enjoys Asian art, particularly minimalist scrolls and screen painting from the Muromachi, Edo, and Meiji periods in Japan. He felt compelled when two of his passions came together upon the realization that the elegant forms of neurons (the cells that comprise your brain) can be painted expressively in the Asian sumi-e style. Neurons may be tiny in scale, but they possess the same beauty seen in traditional forms of the medium (trees, flowers, and animals). He admires the Japanese, Chinese, and Korean masters because of their confidence in simplicity, and he tries to emulate these ideas in his work.


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Almanac - July 13, 2010, Volume 57, No. 01