May 20, 1997
Vol. 43 No. 35

In this Issue

Detour on Smith Walk
Senate: Ballot Results on 'Just Cause'
Interim Secretary: Dr. Lowery
Changes in Computing Support
Interdisciplinary Seminars
Teaching Awards: Social Work, Vet School
Death of Dr. Haddad; Professor Carlin
Honors & Other Things
Faculty Club Elections
SUSY May 28
New Parking Rates
Reading Project: Lincoln at Gettysburg
Speaking Out: Afterthoughts; Survey of Al Fresco Favorites
AAU Statement on Affirmative Action
Of Record: Affirmative Action Hires of Assistant Professors 1986-96
Baccalaureate Messages: Sense and Sensitivity (Rodin), Privilege and Humanity (Veil); Commencement '97: A Sense of Identity (Seltzer), The Commencement Address (Cosby)

The Compass on Commencement

Volunteers: Women's Health Study
Staff Degree Programs and 'Stretch'
Fulbright Opportunities Abroad
German-American Lectureship
Drive for Toddlers and Other Kids' Programs
West Philadelphia Scholarship
White-Williams Scholars
Volume 2/Relache Performance
Almanac Summer Schedule
Alumni Day: Gifts and Thanks (at right)
Pullout: Summer at Penn

Hey! Hey! Hey!

Commencement coverage in Compass...The Commencement Address

Above, President Judith Rodin leads
Speaker Bill Cosby and Provost Stanley
Chodorow to the stage at Franklin Field.
Commencement photos above and at left
by Tommy Leonardi

Carrying the $2,953,576 check from the Class of '47 are
Rosalyn Silverman Hahn (left) and Spencer Zaslow W '47 (right)
the Gift Co-Chairs for the Class. Sandy Zaslow (center)
accompanied her husband in the Alumni Day Parade.
Almanac photo by K.C.G.

Gifts of the 1997 Reunion Classes, and What They Will Fund

Class	# Donors   Dollars	Reunion	Class Project

1932		92	$ 53,867	65th	Unrestricted

1937		142	389,394		60th	Unrestricted

1942		230	754,525		55th	200K Endowed Scholarship

1947* 		320	2,953,576	50th	100K Endowed Scholarship/
						150K Houston Hall

1952		322	1,010,528	45th	100K Term Scholarship/
						150K Room in Library

1957		258	1,000,000	40th	Space in Perelman Quad

1962*		225	2,941,706	35th	100K Endowed Scholarship/
						200K complete '62 walkway

1967 		366	875,655		30th	200K Endowed Scholarships/
						250K Space in Library/
						50k Marian Anderson Center

1972		582	1,302,334	25th	500K Endowed Scholarship/
						200K Houston Hall

1977		430	557,289		20th	Unrestricted

1982		420	325,000		15th	Unrestricted

1987		415	161,645		10th	Unrestricted

1992		384	26,439		5th	Unrestricted

1997		276	8,557		Seniors	Lounge in Perelman Quad
* New Records for respective reunions.

Thank You, Penn

The "THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU" banner that decorated Sweeten Center for Alumni Weekend said it all: Thank you to the literally hundreds of Penn staff, students, and faculty who helped make Alumni Weekend 1997 the most distinctive and festive University-wide celebration of the entire year.

Compliments from alumni were enthusiastic--about the beautiful appearance of campus, about the breadth and quality of the alumni/faculty exchanges, about the friendly hospitality they encountered in every corner of the University community, about the helpfulness of the Kite & Key student volunteers, about the amazing talent of the performing arts groups, about the wonderful attendance and participation in the Parade of Classes.

To witness the preparations for Alumni Weekend is to see Penn at its best--and this spectacular event reinforces for our alumni why they chose Penn in the first place. They experience an extraordinary demonstration of how the best students, how the best faculty and programs, and how the best campus environment all contribute to the outstanding quality of this University.

None of this would be possible without the commitment and dedication of those who volunteer their time and talents to make Alumni Weekend a success. I want to note in particular the contributions of Physical Plant, Public Safety, Dining Services, Residential Living, and each School and Center. I also want to acknowledge the superb efforts of the Development and Alumni Relations staff--for without their determined and spirited planning throughout the year, this weekend could not have the enduring impact that it achieves. Thank you.

-- Virginia B. Clark, Vice President, Development and Alumni Relations

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