FY 1998 Interdisciplinary Seminars

For FY1998, Provost Stanley Chodorow and Vice Provost for Research Ralph D. Amado announce six awards in the Provost's Interdisciplinary Seminar Fund competition, with two new seminars and four continuing ones.

The newly designed seminars are "The History of Material Texts," by John Dixon Hunt of Landscape Architecture and Regional Planning, Carolyn Marvin of Communication, Daniel Raff of Management, and Peter Stallybrass of English; and "Human Relations with Animals and the Natural World," by Arthur Caplan of Bioethics, Robert Kohler of History & Sociology of Science, James Serpell of Veterinary Medicine, and Robert Seyfarth of Psychology.

Continuing seminars are "The Chemistry/Biology Interface," by Andrew Binns of Biology; "The Power of Sight: Theory and Practice of Vision from Antiquity to Modernity," by Renata Holod of History of Art; "The Biological, Computation and Social Sources of Language Learning," by Lila Gleitman and Aravind Joshi of Cognitive Sciences; and "Imaging and Micromanipulation," by Lee Peachey of Biology.


Volume 43 Number 35
May 20, 1997

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