Veterinary School Teaching Awards

The School of Veterinary Medicine presented ten teaching awards last month at an annual dinner-dance of students and faculty.

Dr. Patricia Sertich, assistant professor of reproduction, received the Carl J. Norden Distinguished Teacher Award established in 1963 to "recognize outstanding teachers who, through their ability, dedication, character and leadership, contribute significantly to the advancement of the profession." Dr. Sertich graduated from the School of Veterinary Medicine in 1983, did a two-year residency in reproduction and joined the faculty as a lecturer in reproduction, in 1985. In 1991, she was appointed assistant professor of reproduction, clinical educator track. She does clinical work at New Bolton Center working primarily with horses who have reproductive problems.

Dr. David Holt, assistant professor of surgery, received the Alumni Teaching Award.

The Dean's Award for Leadership in Clinical Science Education was presented to Dr. Richard Davies, professor of pharmacology (above left), and Dr. Urs Giger, professor of medicine and medical genetics (above right).

The Student Government Awards for Teaching Excellence were presented by each of the four classes to honor an individual who "exemplifies the highest degree of proficiency" in teaching. The graduating class selects three teachers, the other classes each select one. The awards and their recipients were:

The Class of 2000 Teaching Award: Dr. Paul Orsini, assistant professor of anatomy

The Class of 1999 Teaching Award: Dr. Steven Fluharty, associate professor of pharmacology in animal biology

The Class of 1998 Teaching Award: Dr. Patricia Sertich

The Class of 1997 Teaching Award: Dr.Cynthia Ward, assistant professor of medicine (above left), Dr. Dan Brockman, assistant professor of surgery (above center), and Dr. Tony Mogg, lecturer in medicine, New Bolton Center (above right).


Volume 43 Number 35
May 20, 1997

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