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National Academy: Dr. Englander

Dr. E. Walter Englander, the Jacob Gershon-Cohen Professor of Medical Sciences at the School of Medicine, has been elected to the National Academy of Sciences--one of 60 new U.S. members announced at the 134th annual meeting late last month.

Dr. Englander, a member of the biochemistry and biophysics faculty whose work focuses on the structure and function of protein and nucleic acid molecules, is especially known for his work in the field of hydrogen exchange, which he has pursued and developed with his wife, Joan, for many years. On the faculty here since 1966, he also received the American Chemical Society Award in 1994.

Honorary Degree for Dr. Hirschmann

Dr. Ralph F. Hirschmann, Makineni Professor of Bioorganic Chemistry, received the honorary degree Doctor of Science from the Medical University of South Carolina on May 16. For his work, which focuses on the synthesis of molecules with specific biological and medicinal functions, Dr. Hirschmann has been honored with several awards in 1996: the Padmavathy and Noth Guthikonda Memorial Award of Columbia University; the Dr. Josef Rudinger Award of the European Peptide Society; the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists Research Achievement Award in Medicinal and Natural Products Chemistry; and the Philadelphia Organic Chemists's Club Award.

Heading Foundation Board: Dr. Vaughan

Dr. Peter B. Vaughan, associate dean of the School of Social Work, has been elected chair of the Board of Managers of The Philadelphia Foundation, the $144 million community foundation established in 1918. The Foundation manages some 265 charitable trusts that award some $6.4 million in grants each year to more than 500 organizations in southeastern Pennsylvania.

A member of the Foundation's Board since 1988, Dr. Vaughan has chaired the program and distribution committee which reviews awards, and for three years he was the Board's representative to the Ford Foundation's national initiative, "Planning for Changing Communities, Diverse Needs," to help community foundations identify and respond to increasing ethnic diversity.

Dr. Vaughan continues in his roles as associate professor and associate dean of the School of Social Work.

Hitchcock Award: Dr. Collins

Dr. MarJeanne Collins, director of student health at Penn, is the 1997 recipient of the American College Health Association's Edward Hitchock Award, named for the founder of the first college heatlh service (at Amherst in 1861). Dr. Collins was cited for her work in prematriculation immunization requirements for students, for studies in college settings of of hepatitis B, measles and meningococcal disease, and for publications in the field. She also won an ACHA Special Award in 1985 for her work with the Vaccine-Preventable Diseases Task Force.

Rose Fund Awards for Student/Faculty Research Projects

Provost Stanley Chodorow and the Council of Undergraduate Deans announce the following recipients of the 1996-97 Rose Undergraduate Research Award.

Student (Faculty Advisor)     	Research Title

Alexander J. Berkett (Elaine Simon)     	Supermarket Reinvestment in Inner City Markets and Its Implications for Economic Development 

Christopher T. Lee (Brent Shaw)     		A Tale of Three Cities: Poems One, Four, and Six of Prudentius' Peristephanon 

Christine S. Lim (Jonathan Baron)     		A Cross-Cultural Study of Protected Values

Felix Olale (Greg Guild, Jon Lindstrom)      Chronic Nicotine Exposure Differentially Affects the Function of Human µ3, µ4, and µ7 
								       Neronal Nicotinic Receptor Subtypes

Jonah Paransky (Alan T. Johnson)     		Fabrication of Colloidal Photonic Crystals

Honorable Mention was given to projects of Jay Armstrong (Vincent C. Pigott) for Molecular Archaeology: The Gender Identification of Human Remains at Non Mak La, Thailand, by PCR; David B. Hanna (Gillian Sankoff) for Do I Sound "Asian" To You?: Linguistic Markers of Asian American Identity; Lisa Levenson (Mark Lloyd) In Philadelphia, Nearly Everybody Read the Bulletin: The 1982 Demise of Philadelphia's Newspaper of Record, and the Broader Crisis of Afternoon Newspapers in America; Joseph Markowitz (Haim H. Bau) for Ultrasonic Inducement of Macromolecular Crystal Growth; and Edton Mock (Richard Estes) for Child Prostitution in Thailand.


Volume 43 Number 35
May 20, 1997

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