Social Work Teaching Award: Dr. Reisch

The recipient of the 1997 Excellence in Teaching Award from the School of Social Work is Dr. Michael Reisch, whose teaching interests are primarily in the areas of social policy, the history and philosophy of social welfare, macro practice, and racism and social welfare. He is professor of social welfare and social work. He received a B.A. from NYU, an M.S.W. from Hunter College School of Social Work, and an M.A. and Ph.D. in Social History and the History of Ideas from SUNY at Binghamton. Prior to joining the Penn faculty he was the director of the School of Social Work and professor of social work and public administration at San Francisco State University and held faculty positions in the School of Social Welfare and the Department of History at SUNY at Stony Brook, the School of Social Work & Community Planning of the University of Maryland, and the School of Social Welfare at the University of California-Berkeley.

He is the author, coauthor or editor of eight books and monographs, including From Charity to Enterprise: The Development of American Social Work in a Market Economy with Stanley Wenocur, and has published and presented widely on the topics of contemporary social policy, the history of social welfare, community organization theory and practice, politics and social work, and social work values and ethics. He is currently working on four books: Social Work in the 21st Century (with Eileen Gambrill), U.S. Social Policy at the Crossroads: Issues and Alternatives, a multicultural history of U.S. social welfare, and a book on McCarthyism and social work (with Jan Andrews).

A member of the Board of Directors of the Council on Social Work Education, Dr. Reisch is currently Chair of the Council's Commission on Educational Policy, Chair of the National Association of Social Workers' Peace and Social Justice Committee, and a member of the editorial boards of four professional journals.


Volume 43 Number 35
May 20, 1997

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