Permit Parking: FY 1998 Rates

For the 1998 academic year permit parking fees will increase an average of 4.45% which equates to a 56¢ per week increase in most University parking lots. The average permit parking rate will be $3.08 per working day and compares favorably with the minimum daily rates of $6.50 and $7.00 that non-permit holders currently pay in Penn's transient parking lots.

The general permit parking fee structure is responsive to the University policy requiring the Parking Program to be self-supporting. Parking income is used to cover the cost of surface lot improvements (e.g., pavement, fencing, striping, control gates), reduce the construction debt on garages, finance new construction of parking facilities, pay parking taxes and real estate rental fees, pay the salaries of attendants, and cover the cost of operating expenses (e.g., electricity, decals, snow removal).

1997-1998 Permit Parking Rates

(15% city of Philadelphia Parking tax included) Permit Class/ Description Annual Rate Two Semester Rate (Sept-Aug) (Sept-May) CLASS 1 (F/S Garages #30,#44) $1,134.00* - N/A - CLASS 2 (F/S Core Commuter) $777.00 $605.25 CLASS 3 (F/S Peripheral Commuter) $648.00 $504.00 CLASS 4 (F/S Remote Commuter) $477.00 $375.75 CLASS 5 (Student Commuter) $543.00 $432.00 CLASS 6 (24 Hour Parking) $1,041.00 $807.75 CLASS 7 (Evening: 4 PM-11 PM) $300.00 $243.00 CLASS 8 (Motorcycle Commuter) $129.00 $101.25 CLASS 9 (Motorcycle 24 Hour) $252.00 $193.50 CLASS 11 (Garage #7 - HUP) $831.00 $650.25

University faculty and staff are encouraged to pay their parking fees in installments through automatic payroll deduction. Equal installments (twelve monthly or fifty-two weekly) will be taken from from each pay issued September through August.

--Robert Furniss, Director Transportation and Mail Services

* Note: The annual rate for Class 1 garages was incorrectly listed in the print version of this issue of Almanac. The correct rate is shown above ($1134.00).


Volume 43 Number 35
May 20, 1997

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