May 13, 1997
Volume 43 No. 34

In this Issue

Barbara Stevens to Georgetown
Mike Nardone to the Mayor's Office
Awards: Teaching & Staff in Nursing, Teaching in Dental
Memorial for Dr. Thompson
Larry Moneta, Residence Operations
Desktop Computing Standards
PennNet Guest Access Changes
Senate: SEC Actions 5/7
Council 4/30: Looking Ahead
PPSA: 1997-98 Officers
Dr. Kuriloff's Message to Council
Commonwealth Appropriation, $35.5M
Speaking Out:
-- Deficit in Health Provider Info
-- Protesting Benefits Mailing and Reply
-- Kudos for Kindness
-- Imperfect Baby

Hazard Alert
Reaching Wistar
HONORS & Other Things
Deaths: Drs. Higgins, Porter

COMPASS Features
-- Building Conscience Into Curricula
-- New Courses Push Traditional Boundaries
-- Well Said
-- On the Shelf

School-to-Work Program
Discussion with Mme. Veil
The Gleitmans in New York City
Update, Deadlines, Back Issue Requests
The 241st Commencement

Pullout: Faculty Senate Committee Reports
-- Economic Status of the Faculty
-- Committee on Administration
-- Committee on the Faculty: Review of Affirmative Action
-- Faculty Exit Questionnaire

Almost Over

SEC and Council have had their last spring meetings; the Pennsylvania Legislature has spoken (good news); and over 3000 students and their families are getting ready to celebrate the 241st Commencement not only on Franklin Field but in a dozen School ceremonies.

The dancer here, Desiree Rina, is one of 14 who will be at the Annenberg Center later this week, wrapping up the Philadanco series as the Center prepares for the International Festival of Children's Theatre to start May 21.

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