17 Neal Cutler's talk titled Social Security, Mutual Funds, and Financial Literacy: Are Baby Boomers Ready for Retirement? has been cancelled. The lecture was originally scheduled from 9:45-10:30 a.m. as part of the Alumni Faculty Exchange of the School of Social Work.


19 Multiple Pathways of Neuronal Cell Death; Lloyd Green, Columbia; noon; Room M100, John Morgan Building (Pharmacology).

Analyzing Fiber Space: Tropnin T Heterogeneity and Skeletal Muscle Fiber Diversity; Fred Schachat, Duke; 2 p.m.; Physiology Dept. Conference Room, Richards Bldg. (Pennsylvania Muscle Institute).

Deadlines: Summer at Penn, the pullout in Almanac May 20/27, will list events for June, July and August at Penn. Copy must be received by May 14.

Back Issues Needed?

Those who anticipate a need for back issues of Almanac published during Volume 43 (FY 1996-97) are asked to advise as soon as possible, since the recycling of extras will begin after the May 20-27 issue.

Please email or fax any requests, to the addresses in our staff box. -- Ed.


Volume 43 Number 34
May 13, 1997

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