To Mayor's Office: Mike Nardone

Michael Nardone, the Penn Health System's associate executive vice president for government relations, has joined the Rendell Administration as deputy managing director for special needs housing--a post that includes coordinating several programs that make up the City's "safety net" for the poor, such as homeless services and the city's response to state and federal welfare cuts.

Chief Public Affairs Officer Lori Doyle will be interim associate executive vice president for government relations during a search for his successor; she will also lead the search.

As PennMed's principal liaison in Washington and Harrisburg, Mr. Nardone was "an ideal person to convey our message," said Dean William N. Kelley. "He made the case for Penn, and for academic centers in general, articulately and yet with a light touch. He brought government officials at every level to campus so that they could hear the Health System's story directly from our physician-scientists and our leadership. Less visibly, but no less importantly, he helped set our priorities on legislative and regulatory issues. He analyzed the impact of governmental trends and sudden shifts in direction. And he was singularly successful in developing and implementing strategies, both individually and in concert with other academic health deal with the emerging health care picture."


Volume 43 Number 34
May 13, 1997

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