Teaching Awards in Nursing . . .

Faculty Teaching Awards: Ms. Klinck-Krendel and Ms. Kolb

Winners of the 1997 School of Nursing Faculty Teaching Award are Katherine Klinck-Krendel, clinical lecturer, and Susan Kolb, clinical lecturer for the Nursing of Children Graduate Program. Recognized with them are Nancy Hodgson as the Teaching Assistant Award winner and Dr. Zorianna Malseed, winner of the Undergraduate Advisor Award.

Ms. Klinck-Krendel is an advanced practice nurse specializing in child and family mental health who received her master's degree in 1996 from Penn Nursing, and has practiced nursing for nearly three decades. In nominating her for the teaching award, students enrolled in her community health course spoke of her "wisdom and years of experience as a stabilizing force" and said "She cared for us beyond the scope of a clinical instructor by using personal resources to help us accomplish our goals." Ms. Klinck-Krendel is a member of Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society.

Susan M. Kolb, GNu '82, is a clinical nurse specialist/nurse practitioner in pediatric pulmonology practicing at St. Christopher's Hospital for Children's Pediatric Pulmonology and Cystic Fibrosis Center. As a researcher she is involved in several multi-disciplinary projects focusing on children with acute and chronic pulmonary disease. "Susan has been a matchless inspiration and role model for each of us," said students. "She expects our best, facilitates our autonomy, and is always available as a resource."

TA Award: Ms. Hodgson

Nancy Hodgson, GNu '88 is a teaching assistant and clinical instructor for students enrolled in Nursing in the Community, and a clinical instructor for psychiatric/mental health nursing courses. This year she led the first clinical groups of students from Penn working with the Albanian community in Fishtown, and also served as an advisor to senior nursing students involved in an independent study of this community. Said students: "She helped us to formulate goals for the independent study, complete projects, and gave us insight into the culture of this community...She is a source of guidance and encouragement throughout our senior year at Penn, and has fostered our growth as students, our critical thinking skills, and our independence as nurses." Ms. Hodgson currently is working towards her Ph.D. degree in nursing with a research interest in grief and the homebound elderly.

Undergraduate Advisor Award: Dr. Malseed

Dr. Zoriana Malseed, associate professor of nursing, teaches anatomy and physiology on the undergraduate level, and, on the graduate leve, lectures on special topics in immunology and physiology. Currently Dr. Malseed serves as the coordinator for the School of Nursing/School of Arts and Sciences joint nutrition minor. In nominating Dr. Malseed for the 1997 Undergraduate Advisor Award, one student said, "She devotes extra time and energy to her students and advisees and is truly interested in what is going on in your life." Another student spoke of her as "instrumental in shaping my Penn experience...her guidance, support and encouragement...gave me the strength and courage to become involved in many campus activities, pursue a minor, and study abroad."

A member of the School's faculty since 1971, Dr. Malseed won the Lindback Award in 1981 and the School of Nursing Teaching Award in 1996.

Note: The School of Nursing also made awards to staff this year; please see below.

. . . and the Dental School

Members of the senior class gave four prestigious awards for teaching during the annual Alumni Faculty Senior dinner held in March at the Doubletree Hotel. The awards and their recipients:

The Earle Bank Hoyt Award was given to Dr. Thomas Therrien, associate professor of restorative dentistry. The award is given annually to a graduate of the School who is a fulltime junior clinical faculty member and who has exemplified the teaching spirit for which Dr. Hoyt was wellknown. Dr. Hoyt, a member of the Class of 1918 at Penn Dental, was a distinguished clinician and educator. The Award that was established by a grateful patient in honor of Dr. Hoyt's dedication and excellence in teaching.

The Robert E. DeRevere Award was given to Dr. Nathan Kobrin, B.D.S. Dr. DeRevere, for whom the award is named, graduated from the University of Pennsylvania Dental School in 1945. As a faculty member at the School, he had charge of dental services at the Children's Heart Hospital of Philadelphia and Philadelphia General Hospital, in addition to his usual teaching duties. First awarded in 1982, the Robert E. DeRevere Award has come to be a coveted recognition for excellence in preclinical teaching by a parttime faculty member.

The 1997 Basic Science Award was given to Dr. Ronald Piddington, associate professor of anatomy and histology. The award recognizes faculty in the basic sciences, seen as an integral part of dental education, where "a sound understanding of the fundamentals is essential to the success of clinical teachings."

The Joseph L.T. Appleton Award was given to Dr. Farideh Madani, clinical assistant professor of oral medicine. Named for Dr. Joseph Appleton, a 1914 Penn Dental alumnus who was Dean of the School from 1941 to 1951, the award is the students' way of saying "thank you" to the individual who most exemplifies the spirit and quality of teaching that Dr. Appleton represented in his 66 years' close relationship with the School--as a student, faculty member in bacteriopathology, dean, and as a full professor after the deanship. The Award is given each year to a parttime faculty member whose excellence in clinical teaching has developed students' skills and enriched their lives.

Nursing Staff Appreciation Day Awards

At the School of Nursing's Staff Appreciation Day celebration last month, nine were honored in four categories. Eight of the nine are shown here with Dean Norma Lang (center). Flanking her, left to right, are:

"Team Spirit Award" winners Debbie Tiller, administrative assistant of Division Service Group I, and Janet Tomcavage, marketing coordinator in the Center for Professional Development;

Two of the three winners of the "Feather in Your Cap Award for Excellent Service--Office Move Project," Donna DiSciullo, director of facilities, and Brian Lang, administrative assistant/Facilities (not shown is Steve Schneyder, building coordinator);

Winners of the "GEM Award for Going the Extra Mile," Sylvia Johnson, administrative assistant, Penn Nursing Network, and Joanne Lyon, manager of office administration, Division Service Group II; and

Winners of the "Life Saver Award for Distinguished Service," Ann Marie Franco, assistant director, Office of the Dean, and Adrienne Hodell, academic coordinator, Office of Academic Affairs.


Volume 43 Number 34
May 13, 1997

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