Commonwealth Funding FY1998: Vet, Med and Dental Awards plus Others

House Bill 883, Penn's nonpreferred appropriation for Fiscal Year 1998, was signed yesterday by Governor Tom Ridge, after passing last week in the Senate by a vote of 500 and in the House by a vote of 18217. HB 883 provides a total of $35,470,000 in funding broken down as follows: $30,498,000 for the Veterinary School; $4,034,000 for the Medical School and $938,000 for the Dental Clinics.

As the chart here indicates, the FY 1998 appropriation has eliminated General Instruction support and shifted that funding to the Veterinary School. The final appropriation for the Medical School is $610,000 above the Governor's recommended level, and the Dental Clinics appropriation is $143,000 more than the Governor's recommendation.

The Legislature approved additional funding for University programs through separate nonpreferred bills--$181,000 for the University Museum and $132,000 for Cardiovascular Studies at HUP. Also, as part of the General Appropriations (GA) Budget, $550,000 of funding was approved for the Hospital's Cancer Center. The GA budget also includes $5.4 million in Museum Assistance Grant funding for museums and cultural institutions not receiving direct grants. It is expected that the Morris Arboretum will receive at least $100,000 through this program.

Finally, the General Assembly approved $6 million in funding, for higher education equipment. Last year Penn received $277,000 through the equipment program.

-- From a report by Paul Cribbins, Director Commonwealth Relations


Volume 43 Number 34
May 13, 1997

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