Residence Operations: Larry Moneta, Associate VP

Dr. Larry Moneta, associate vice provost for University Life since March 1992, is moving to a new post as Associate Vice President for Campus Services, reporting to Vice President for Business Services Steven D. Murray.

He will have primary oversight of the Residential Operations Department, which includes occupancy administration; facilities operation and its services such as housekeeping, maintenance, mail, etc.; and the administration of assignments and finances. A director will be sought to report to Dr. Moneta for these functions.

The Dining Services operation, headed by Bill Canney and Don Jacobs, will also report to Dr. Moneta. This includes all dining halls and retail operations such as Chats, Stern and McClelland Marketplace.

He will also be responsible for the Sheraton Hotel, which will continue to be managed by Criterion Management Company working on behalf of the University, Mr. Murray said. "This linkage is an important one as we begin to physically implement the new vision of the residential system contained in the Biddison Hier and Brownlee reports," he noted, "since the Sheraton will play a key role as swing space and guest housing quarters during the implementation process. By combining all these functions under Larry's leadership," Mr. Murray continued, "we will have an opportunity to enhance the conference business provided by the University, particularly during summer months when we can leverage the hotel, eating and residential facilities that are underutilized during summer months."

He will take a leadership role with Mr. Murray, VPUL Valarie Swain-Cade McCoullum, Provost Stanley Chodorow, EVP John Fry, VP Facilities Art Gravina and key faculty including Dr. David Brownlee and Dr. Al Filreis to "put together the master plan for implementation of the vision articulated in the Biddeson Hier and Brownlee reports," Mr. Murray said. "This will be a difficult, complex and exciting process as we oversee the effort of combining the program elements envisioned by Dave, Al, Val and others with the physical and financial realities existent in the residential system, and put together a master plan that will be the blueprint for residences for the next generation. Larry is highly respected as one who understands the needs of students and can mobilize the efforts of all constituencies to get things done. I'm delighted that he will be working as part of our team to help spearhead this effort."


Volume 43 Number 34
May 13, 1997

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