PennNet Guest Access Changes

Eligibility rules and application procedures for PennNet guest IDs will change on July 1, 1997. These changes will affect University offices that wish to provide dial-in PennNet access to non-University collaborators and friends.

Under the new policy, guest access will be limited to individuals who need to access PennNet in support of instruction, research, or administration. The fee will be $300/year. All requests must be submitted via the director of computing of the appropriate school or center; ISC will no longer accept direct requests from individuals or deparments. Please note that existing guests will continue to have access until their terms expire, at which time a renewal request must be submitted under the new policy guidelines.

For details and rationale, please review the text of the policy at

--Monir Shahpari, Accounts Administrator, ISC Networking


Volume 43 Number 34
May 13, 1997

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