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Dean of the College: Rick Beeman

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NEH and Fulbright Awards

Michael Wachter the Interim Provostship

Joining Programs in Residence: David Fox

Call for Nominations: Abrams, Kahn Awards

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Faculty on Vending;

PENNCard Alert

Report on Police Incident

COUNCIL: The Provost's Report on the State of the University (Chodorow)

To Become a Faculty Master

SENATE: SEC Actions December 10

Call for Senate Nominations 1998-99

OF RECORD: Employment of More than One Family Member


COMPASS Features

On the Importance of Giving: Robert Austrian, Banoo Karanjia, Duncan Van Dusen, Anna Bond, Flo Freeman and Juan Graña Speak Up

On the Shelf: Books by Arthur Caplan, Edward Said, Margaret Goertz and Phyllis Rackin

A Law Librarian's Rare Adventures; The Ultimate Compass



Holiday Shopping Goes On

Coming Changes in Access by Modem (ISC)

COUNCIL: Mr. Fry's Overview Restructuring

Death of Athletics' Jeremiah Ford

Special Checks for Holiday Safety

Update, CrimeStats

The Abramson Vision

January at Penn

Pullout: Alcohol and Civility at Penn: Faculty, Staff and Students Look at Problems and Remedies

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