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To Become a Faculty Master

The Provosts Office announces the availability of five Faculty Masterships for Penns College Houses. Hamilton, Harnwell, Harrison, Stouffer and Ware College Houses all seek new Faculty Masters beginning in the 1998-99 Academic Year. Candidates are normally appointed by the Provost for a three-year term and must be tenured members of the standing faculty. The positions are live-in, and the University provides unfurnished apartments with modern conveniences, including cable and high speed data connections, parking, moving expenses, and evening dining in the College House dining rooms.At the conclusion of their terms, Faculty Masters receive a scholarly leave of one term at full base pay, which may be converted to a research fund equal to one-half of their base pay.

While the duties of each Faculty Master will vary from College House to College House, central responsibilities of each Faculty Master include the following: He or she provides intellectual leadership and helps develop the College House as an educational resource for the university, helps promote academic programs in the residence, and builds strong and supportive house communities. The Faculty Master also develops the faculty associates program; works with Graduate Associates, Resident Advisors, and the College House student government to help develop a sense of community among students and between students and faculty; works with the House Dean to ensure that academic and cultural programs are a priority; and serves as a member of the Residential Faculty Council.

The application deadline is January 23, 1998. Faculty Members should send a current c.v. and letter describing their interest in becoming a College House Master to:

Dr. Christopher Dennis, Director
Academic Programs and Residence Life
3901 Locust Walk, Suite 112
Philadelphia, PA 19104-6180

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