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Conclusion of Internal Investigation: Campus Disturbance/Assault on Police

On October 30, 1997 an incident occurred in the 3600 block of Locust Walk resulting in injuries to four University police officers and the arrest of three individuals, one of whom was an undergraduate student at Penn. During the disturbance numerous officers from other police departments responded to a call for assistance by the Penn police.

Force was used by police to accomplish the arrest of the student. A thorough internal investigation of the incident was conducted by University Police.

Managing Director of Public Safety, Tom Seamon managed the investigation and reviewed the results. His conclusion is that the arrests in the incident were proper, police followed appropriate procedures, and no unnecessary force was used by police during the incident.

A copy of the internal investigation has been provided to the pertinent Philadelphia Police commanders and the Philadelphia District Attorney's Office for their review.

--From the Department of Public Safety

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